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Don't blink, everyone's watching

They'll think you're up to something

5/10/11 02:42 pm

Ya know what... I just need to stop thinking about this, right now, right at the crux of it, or else I going to drive myself crazy like I always do.  Conscious decision: I no longer care.  I'm a big boy now; I have grown-up problems anyway.


2/14/10 08:51 pm

1/9/10 10:53 pm - "Party & Bullshit (In the U.S.A.)"

Idea for a short story:

Miley Cyrus finds the Necronomicon and uses it to resurrect Notorious B.I.G.  Together, Cyrus and the undead Biggie Smalls use their combined powers to take over Los Angeles and assert their dominance on the West Coast.  Features the guy from Babyshambles and The Libertines--you know, the one who's more famous for being Amy Winehouse's drug addict boyfriend than for his actual music--as a secondary character.

1/8/10 05:36 pm - "Gaga, Palmer, Madonna"

Amanda Palmer: she is my hero---and she plays the uke!

I need an mp3 of this immediately if not sooner.

[Edit]: On a similar note...


Also, I had no idea Lady Gaga was only twenty-three. She's only like two years older than me. Not gonna lie, I thought she was damn near thirty, if not older.

12/22/09 08:43 pm - Judging People Based On Their Favorite Indie Band

I found this when I was creepin' around on Twitter; I thought it was funny.  I bolded the ones I thought were at least semi-true.


hahahahaha I'm a lesbianCollapse )


12/6/09 04:36 am - Duffy - "Stay With Me Baby"

So Duffy is definitely a cool chick; she's like a cleaned-up Amy Winehouse, who--after hearing this song, I'm convinced--is just as talented. It's the first track on the soundtrack to Pirate Radio: The Boat That Rocked", which Matt just recently put into the rotation of the CD's in his car. I love it. Her voice sounds so good here.
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12/1/09 09:49 am

So I thought this group, note_to_cat would be a lot funnier than it actually was. Turns out it's mostly spurgily-written letters to people's dead cats... people who probably don't have many friends. More depressing than anything, really.

bookfails turned out to be pretty good though. Way to go LJ front page; you actually picked a community worth visiting to spotlight, for once.

8/7/09 10:12 pm

I'm going to bed at 10:12 PM because I'm stuck in Marietta for five more weeks and I hate my life.

8/7/09 12:15 am - "Paper Heart"

Also, this movie looks like it's going to be mind-blowingly amazing.

Could Michael Cera top Juno with this? I'm gonna say "maybe".

7/28/09 02:31 pm - Guilty Pleasure

Okay, so I like Katy Perry, and here's why:

  1. She has huge, terrifying eyeballs, and I think that's adorable.
  2. She dresses like a homeless Barbie.
  3. Both of her parents are preachers, who would grow up to produce the world's most infamous fake bisexual camera whore.
  4. Her videos are always really ridiculous [I was going to embed one but EMI Records is a cock and won't let me]
  5. She's Slutty Kelly Clarkson
  6. Her acting is ridiculously hammy.
  7. She doesn't mind making an ass of herself.
  8. The guy she makes out with in her most recent video is "the hot kind of funny looking".  And not many other poptarts appreciate that.
  9. She's a fake dyke, and I liked Tatu too.
And that's that.
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